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We all know the main event of any large celebration is the cake! At Dulce Treats and Sweets, our cakes are designed, baked, decorated, and delivered (when applicable) with the utmost care and consideration of the client’s wants and needs! We use top-quality ingredients baked in a way that will leave your taste buds wanting more! Cakes are the main reason Dulce Treats and Sweets exists! Before opening our doors, our founder ordered from local bakers throughout the Treasure Coast. All the delivered cakes were good, but none were exactly what was ordered. Many times, the cakes were beautiful, but the taste wasn’t quite right. Other times, the cakes tasted good, but the cake decor was not as expected. As a perfectionist, Marly took it upon herself to create her own cakes and treats for her family. This was the start of something beautiful!

As a local bakery serving the Port St. Lucie community, we know what’s needed to serve our neighbors and friends and specialize in:

  • Wedding Cakes
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Special Events Cakes
  • Holiday Party cakes and cupcakes
  • Cupcake cakes
  • Custom-designed cakes and cupcakes

We are here to take your ideas to the next level whether you need dessert for a family dinner or a showstopping centerpiece for a wedding. Our team of bakers is here to assist with any special orders for our local community. Contact us today to have us get started on your next custom order!


Dulce Treats and Sweets: Cakes and Cupcakes

Whether you are looking for our team to whip up a quick batch of cupcakes or tackle an elaborate custom-ordered 3-tiered wedding cake, our baker is ready to get started!

Let’s start with what we need to know before we start!

  • How many people do you plan to serve?
  • What flavor of cake would you prefer?
  • What filling would you like us to use?
  • How many layers would you like the cake to be?
  • Color or theme requested

When ordering from us, we want your experience to be the best one possible! We know you will LOVE our creations and the taste of all of our cakes and cupcakes! 


Our decorating skills are next-level! We can create almost anything you have in mind. From Disney characters and Minions to simple flowers and sprinkles, we make the cake you want on time, every time!


We pride ourselves on our mini-cakes, AKA cupcakes. Cupcakes are a staple of birthdays, weddings, and special events and we are here to give you what you want! We can create cupcake cakes for at-home or at-school parties, making the need for cutting the cake a thing of the past!


For wedding cakes, we require a physical conversation with the prospective client and will not simply accept an online submitted form. This ensures you get exactly what you want for your very special day! We all need to be crystal clear when it comes to desired flavor, style, color, and cake decorations. You deserve exactly what you’ve always wanted and we are here to make your wedding day cake vision come to life!


Filling layer cakes is an art. We start with a delicious filling like pastry cream, lemon curd or fresh fruit compote. Then crumb coat the layers in frosting before decorating the outside. We get creative with rosettes, ribbons, and other piping techniques, or simply create the character or design of your choosing!

Speaking of decorating, don’t be intimidated to ask for anything you have in mind. We know we are the best St Lucie has to offer and we can create almost anything you can think up!

Our team at Dulce Treats and Sweets is always here to assist if you need help with a special order. 


Weddings are an extremely special occasion that we understand is the most memorable day of anyone’s life! A wedding cake should not only be the centerpiece of the reception but should taste AMAZING! Wedding cakes are a specialty order that our team takes very seriously! From the look to the taste, we work hard to ensure each wedding cake we make is pure perfection.

 All wedding cakes are decorated and created by Marly herself! We meet with the client to get every detail of what’s desired and work to make sure each box is checked on the client’s wedding cake must-have list. From the filling to the outer coating of frosting, we give clients exactly what they request. 

We are fully capable of creating a cake of any size or theme for your wedding. Simply let us know what you want and we will get to work! 

Popular Cake Orders

Believe it or not, our most common cake and cupcake orders are vanilla and chocolate!

Our Vanilla Bean Cake is made using only the finest ingredients and actual vanilla beans! This provides floral notes you won’t find in the extract alone.

  • Jazz up your vanilla cake with swirls of fruit preserves or a layer of sweetened whipped cream between layers. You can’t go wrong with classic simplicity.

Chocolate lovers, this section is for you. Our rich cocoa cake tastes like a hug in cake form. Some variations to try:

  • Chocolate Ganache Cake uses a silky ganache filling and frosting made from chocolate and cream for ultra-indulgence.
  • For kids’ parties, we can mix mini chocolate chips into the batter of this Chocolate Chip Cake ad top it with a fluffy chocolate buttercream.

Red velvet’s beauty is more than skin deep. Its deliciousness stems from the buttermilk and cream cheese frosting makes it a favorite.

  • Our Red Velvet Loaf Cake lets the vibrant color shine through without fussing over layers.

Carrot cake wraps crunchy nuts and spices into moist carrot ribbons. Its natural sweetness satisfies any sweet tooth.

  • We give it an extra zing with cream cheese frosting spiked with orange zest or cinnamon. Kids and grownups love this combo.

These flavors are just the beginning! Dulce Treats and Sweets can also craft custom cakes infused with your favorite fruits like lemon, banana or blueberry. The possibilities are endless – let inspiration strike  and allow our kitchen to do the work! 

Our Gallery

Frostings, Fillings, and Design

For us, decorating is the most fun part of a cake or cupcake creation! This is the aspect of our job that allows creativity to flow freely! Frostings, fillings, and toppings turn ordinary cakes into showstopping masterpieces.

Buttercream is one of the most versatile frostings around. Its silky texture spreads smoothly and pairs with any cake.

  • We can create classic vanilla buttercream or can jazz it up with extracts like almond, coconut, or mint.
  • Cream cheese frosting adds a layer of flavor that many prefer and is a perfect match for red velvet cake.
  • Whipped frosting is also a lower-sugar option that adds a light flavor to any cake or cupcake. 

Ganache made from chocolate and cream gives a luxurious finish to any chocolate cake. It sets firm for clean slices.

Pastry cream, curds, and compotes make delicious fillings between layers and we offer a variety of flavors to suit any palette. 

For a playful look, we can pipe buttercream roses or use a small scoop or design to create quaint blossoms on cupcakes.

Dulce Treats and Sweets’ bakers are experts at stacking filling-filled layers and crumb coating smoothly. Our team is happy to provide stunning custom cakes for any special event throughout St Lucie County. With the right combinations, you’ll have everyone asking for more!

Custom Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for any gathering. Their single-serve size makes them easy to make, transport and enjoy. We can design and decorate any cupcakes to match the theme or color combinations of the party you are throwing. 

When it comes to fillings, we can go beyond basic frosting by piping in the pastry cream, jam, or lemon curd into the center before baking for a surprise inside.

We use a fluffy buttercream or cream cheese frosting that’s pipeable and perfect to create the designs you desire! 

Classic cupcakes requested most frequently are:

  • Yellow Cupcakes filled with fresh berries and topped with vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate Cupcakes paired with peanut butter frosting
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes with a swirl of cream cheese frosting
Dulce Treats and Sweets

We can decorate your cupcakes in the same way we decorate your cake! While the cupcake is much smaller than a full-sized cake, this doesn’t mean options are fully limited. We pride ourselves on creating cupcakes that will have your guests talking!

Our bakers at Dulce Treats and Sweets can’t wait to create exactly what you’ve been hoping for! We are happy to fill any special orders so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your creations without the work or stress of trying to do it all yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some tips for ordering the perfect cake?

While we may not be able to create ANY design, we can create ALMOST any design! Just ask!

2. Can Dulce Treats and Sweets Ceate ANY design?

Gather your spatulas, frosting spat and decorating bag. Crumb coat the layers first to seal in crumbs. Then frost with smooth, sweeping motions. Chill between coats for a polished look. Practice piping roses or writing on parchment until you feel confident!

3. What are the best fillings and toppings to use?

Fresh fruit like berries or sliced peaches pair nicely with spring and summer cakes. For fall, try pumpkin butter or caramel. In winter, go rich with chocolate ganache or lemon curd. Toppings like coconut flakes or sprinkles add color and crunch.  

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